Upgrade, Maintenance & Support

Upgrade, Maintenance & Support

Support, Maintenance & Upgrade: Services included-

All our customers with a full of life Maintenance, Upgrade & Support can like the subsequent services:

• Access to any or all product upgrades
• Access to any or all bug fix releases
• Access to top quality support

Our package and enterprise solutions ar unceasingly improved and updated. Details of updates ar revealed on our Latest enhancements pages, which may be found at:

No Costly, Forced Upgrades

With Fly Infosoft you can remain on your current, stable releases for a many years without any required Software Development & upgrades — while retaining the right to upgrade on a time line that suits your business needs and budget. Learn more. Support Program Features

• Named, Regional Primary Support Engineer
• 24/7 Support with Guaranteed 15 Minute or Less Response Time for Critical Issues
• Application & Repository Fixes
• Customization Fixes
• Documentation-Only Fixes
• Configuration Support
• Operational Support

Maintenance and Upgrades (for onsite customers)

Maintenance Associate in Nursingd Upgrades for patrons WHO have purchased an onsite support set up don't seem to be performed by Fly Infosoft Support. The careful info on performing arts upgrades, would be offered in facilitate Fly Infosoft for corresponding releases. all the same, requests like these from the onsite customers would be treated as custom work.